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An intelligent robot cleaner to deep clean homes of all sizes. Give your entire home an intense, deep clean. With its longer battery life and premium navigation technology the DEEBOT OZMO 950 will deep clean your entire home, knowing your robot can take care of your cleaning worries.

-High cleaning efficiency.
-Updated Smart Navi 3.0™ laser mapping and navigation
-OZMO™ mopping technology
-5200 m(A)h battery
-Low profile and strong mobility performance


1. UV sterilization, collecting dust mites and hot air output, 3-in-1 function

2. Double motor design, 400W powerful suction, bring you a thorough cleaning effect

3. Medical grade UV lamp, thermionic cathode quartz tube, high penetration, acarid and bacteria can not escape.

4. UV leak proof design, protect you and your family carefully

5. 1.2kg light weight, easy to handle 6. One button operation, say goodbye to complicated process.


Portable operation

Light weight

Strong suction

LED Front Searchlight

  • Portable operation
  • Light weight
  • Strong suction
  • LED Front Searchlight
  • Wireless Aspirator